SEC Headlines 11/27/2012

Coaching Searches

1. Senior Bowl executive director Phil Savage on four candidates for the Auburn job.

2. Is Arkansas State coach Gus Malzahn a candidate? ”No, I’m focused on what we’re doing here.”

3. Auburn tight end Phillip Lutzenkirchen: ”To the commits, don’t make any drastic decisions about your future,” Lutzenkirchen said. “I went through the same thing my senior year when ‘Tubs’ was relieved.”

4. Nine potential candidates for the Tennessee job. Not enough?  Here’s a 10-pack of potential candidates.

5. No coach creates the buzz the way Jon Gruden does.

6. More Gruden rumors - NFL style.

7. Playing a game of truth or fiction in the Kentucky search. December 15th target date? UK focused on three names?

8. No matter who the next coach is at Arkansas - he’ll have some talent to work with.

SEC Championship Game

9. Alabama and Georgia haven’t faced each other since 2008.

10. Alabama’s rushing offense is second best in the SEC.  Georgia rushing defense ranks 11th in the conference.

11. Both teams feature efficient quarterbacks, tailback tandems and similar defensive styles.

12. “In most cases, Georgia and Alabama can out-talent the teams that they play. This time, that won’t be the case.”

13. Nick Saban on his depleted wide-receiving corps. “We definitely need to get more guys ready to play.”

14. Going back to their high school recruitment, several Alabama and Georgia players are familiar with coaches on the other sideline.

15. RHIP - “Rank has its privileges.”

Heisman Hype

16. Former Texas A&M coach Jackie Sherrill on Johnny Manziel and the Heisman vote: “ I personally would like the ballots to be public.”

17. Alabama running back Mark Ingram was younger than Manziel when he won the Heisman.  Only difference?  Ingram was a sophomore, Manziel a redshirt freshman.

18. What Johnny Football did, argues this columnist, was more impressive than what Cam Newton and Tim Tebow did in their Heisman years.

SEC/College News

19. Fans storming the field following the Egg Bowl has cost Ole Miss $5,000.

20. Hugh Freeze has earned some bonus money.

21. Kevin Sumlin may be the frontrunner for SEC Coach of the Year, but does James Franklin deserve it?

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